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Time Crunch Training: 10-Minute Back Blast

Here's a 10-minute giant set workout that targets every muscle in your back.
Nate Millado / Produced by: Mike Simone

If you want to get the best training effect for a particular muscle group and your time is tight, using a giant set is your best bet. A giant set combines exercises that target the same muscle group and takes you through the full rep spectrum with varying loads and movement speeds.


> Set your timer for 10-minutes and go through the 4-exercise giant set as fast as possible. Take 30-seconds rest after the press downs to shake out your arms and get back to it.

MOVEMENT ONE: Overhead Medicine Ball Slam

5 reps

MOVEMENT TWO: Pull Up (weighted if possible)

5-7 reps


10-12 reps

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MOVEMENT FOUR: Straight Arm Press Downs

12-15 reps





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