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Transformassacre Part II: First Comes Strength, Then Comes Size

Our Transformassacre subject Shaun Myers is prescribed a strength-specific routine to prepare for the muscle building phase.
Nate Millado

We're all excited about Shuan's remarkable mid-transformation progress from last week's body composition assessment. Did you see his photos? The guy's got abs! But, there's still a lot of work to get done before his final reveal at week 8 and it's back to the grind for Shaun and his trainer Rob Sulaver in week six. This week, Rob tasks Shaun with a strength-oriented 5x5 routine. "Basically, we're trying to amp up Shaun's strength in order to help his hypertrophy along. The first block is strength development. The second, all about hypertrophy. It's a win, win," says Sulaver. All the work appears to be working.
Note Shaun's lift increases: 35-lb. DB Bench (45 degree) in week 1 - 60-lb. DB Bench (90 degree) in week 6. 132-lb. Trap Bar Deadlift in week 2 - 220-lb. Trap Bar Deadlift in week 6.

Totally out of the loop on the Transformassacre? Time to catch up:

Introduction: Meet Shaun.
Week 1: Shaun's training begins.
Week 2: Shaun's diet regimen.
Week 3: Training focuses on muscular balance and stability.
Week 4: Shaun's solo training session is assessed by trainer Rob.
Week 5: Shaun's mid-way progress is assessed.


You'll be able to follow Shaun's journey through photos and video each week at The 8-Week Fitness Transformassacre: PART II. (Also, be sure to check out the results of the first Transformassacre.) And keep Shaun motivated with inspiring messages on our Facebook page and on Twitter, #Transformassacre.

Or, you can be even MORE involved by sending in your own personal videos straight from your smartphone to Men's Fitness Magazine on SparkReell! Want to take on The Transformassacre yourself? Follow along with Shaun's weekly workouts!

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