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Transformassacre Part II: Let the Massacre Begin!

Shaun Myers and Rob Sulaver hit the ground running (and lifting) in the first week of The Transformassacre Part II.

You saw the body assessment, training plan and dietary protocols, but now it's time for Shaun to execute on the plans. His dreams of packing on muscle for the first time in his life have now become a reality, that is, if he can stay on track. Aside from the training plan and diet, he has all the tools he needs for success including a support system - Rob Sulaver, his trainer, Peak Performance NYC's staff and his fellow colleagues at Men's Fitness. Week one of the Transformassacre Part II is in the books and he's off to a great start.


Featured Exercises in this Video

Goblet Squat >> Targets and strengthens the legs. Seated Row >> Targets and strengthens the back/lower back. Lying Leg Curl >> Targets and strengthens the hamstrings. Ab Roll Out >> Targets and strengthens the core and abdomen. Prowler >> Targets the full body and provides cardio conditioning. You'll be able to follow Shaun's journey through photos and video each week at The 8-Week Fitness Transformassacre: PART II. And be sure to keep Shaun motivated with inspiring messages on our Facebook page and on Twitter. Want to take on The Transformassacre yourself? Follow along with Shaun's weekly workouts! NEXT PAGE: Week 1 Workouts - at Peak and at Home >>



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