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Transformassacre Part II: Muscular Balance

Three weeks into the transformation, trainer Rob Sulaver has an evil surprise for Shaun.
Nate Millado

Shaun Myers, our Transformassacre Part II victim, is now three weeks into his body and workout transformation. Last week, we provided an insider look into Shaun's diet on a day to day basis—what, when and how he prepares his meals. In this week's video, Shaun gets a better understanding of the importance of his muscles being equally strong and balanced in order to progress. His trainer, Rob Sulaver prescribed a routine with a heavy focus on unilateral training (training one side at a time) in efforts to ensure his lifts are balanced on both sides. Once this muscular balance is achieved, there will be less overcompensation on one side vs. the other and his bi-lateral lifts (two arms or two legs) will sync and begin to increase.


Featured Exercises in this Video

>>Exercise 1: Standing Dumbbell Overhead Press (Unilateral)
Targets: Each shoulder individually.
>>Exercise 2: Kettlebell and/or Dumbbell Split Squats (Unilateral)
Targets: Each leg/quad individually.
>>Exercise 3: Assisted Pull Ups
Targets: The entire back.
>>Exercise 4: Kettlebell Romanian Deadlifts
Targets: The lower back and hamstrings.
>>Exercise 5: Battling Ropes
Goal: Acts in place of cardio intervals. Also, engages the entire body.


If this is your first time hearing about the Transformassacre, get caught up by checking out the Transformassacre Part II: Introduction or check out week one's action at PEAK Performance NYC. Also, be sure to check out the results of the first Transformassacre.


You'll be able to follow Shaun's journey through photos and video each week at The 8-Week Fitness Transformassacre: PART II. And be sure to keep Shaun motivated with inspiring messages on our Facebook page and on Twitter, #Transformassacre.

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