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Transformassacre Part II: The Final Results

Our Transformassacre subject Shaun Myers made it through his 8 week transformation, now check out his shredded body.
Nate Millado

Shaun Myers, our Transformassacre subject and Rob Sulaver, his personal trainer and transformation coach have finally made it to the finish line after a long 8 weeks of weight lifting, intervals and carefully portioned meals. After all the hard work and mentally draining discipline we get to share the incredible results of Shaun's project. If you don't know Shaun yet, or forgot his starting point, check out his photos from week 1 and week 5 then take a good look at how much progress he made.

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Transformassacre 2 - Before and After
See Shaun's complete before and after gallery!

Starting Stats: Weight 153 lbs. // Body Fat: 19.4%

Final Results: Weight: 149.4 lbs. // Body Fat: 9.7%

Totally missed out on all of the Transformassacre? Follow along, week by week.

Introduction: Meet Shaun.

Week 1: Shaun's training begins.

Week 2: Shaun's diet regimen.

Week 3: Training focuses on muscular balance and stability.

Week 4: Shaun's solo training session is assessed by trainer Rob.

Week 5: Shaun's mid-way progress is assessed.

Week 6: Shaun's training focuses on increasing strength.

Week 7: Transformassacre Rewind.

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