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Transformassacre Part II: The Final Results

Our Transformassacre subject Shaun Myers made it through his 8 week transformation, now check out his shredded body.

What was the most interesting thing you learned during your transformation?

The importance of tempo. Lowering the weight in a controlled fashion for about 3 seconds put a ton of extra strain on my muscles.

What was surprising easy about the Transformassacre? What was hardest?

There really wasn't anything that was too easy. The diet was hard in the beginning but after a week or so of becoming accustomed to preparing the food and the eating schedule, it became part of my routine. The training was also very hard. In the beginning I was very carb depleted, which made the training very tough to finish due to lack of energy. After the carb shake was introduced, I noticed a huge spike of energy during the training.

Did you do as well as you thought?

I did better than I thought. I was hoping to finish with around 12-13% body fat. I would have been very happy with those numbers. The fact that I finished under 10% was way above my expectations.

How will you continue your journey in fitness?

I would like to put on more muscle mass, so I plan on continuing with a very similar diet. I'm going to slowly introduce carbs into my diet to put on as much lean muscle as possible.

What's the best single piece of advice you'd give to a person considering a transformation?

It's a marathon not a sprint. The results are not going to come quick or easy. I think a lot of people begin fitness programs and stop too early to see any of the changes. I lost about 3% body fat in the first 4 weeks and almost 7% in the last 4 weeks. The tail end of the program is where most of the changes came.

Interested in doing Shaun's final week or workouts?

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