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Transformassacre Part II: Training Solo

In week four of the Transformassacre, Shaun's "at-home" workout gets reviewed by his trainer Rob.
Nate Millado

Working out without a personal trainer or partner is different for everyone. Some people get in the zone and focus more than ever, others let their intensity go right out the window. In week four of the Transformassacre Part II, our subject, Shaun Myers, headed into the gym for an "at-home" workout session without his trainer around to police him. Was his form good? Was his tempo correct? Were his rest periods too long? Did he leave early? Did he skip any exercises, reps or sets?

After Shaun's workout, we brought it over to his trainer Rob Sulaver at Peak Performance to see what he thought. 

Missed a few sessions? Get caught up before watching this week's episode. 

Introduction: Meet Shaun 

Week 1: Shaun's training begins

Week 2: Shaun's diet regimen

Week 3: Training focuses on muscular balance and stability


Featured Exercises in this Video [At-Home Workout Routine]

>>Exercise 1: Goblet Squat
Targets: Legs
>>Exercise 2: Assisted and Unassisted Pull-Ups
Targets: Upper and middle back
>>Exercise 3: Leg Curl
Targets: Hamstringers
>>Exercise 4: Seated Row
Targets: Middle back and rear deltoids

If this is your first time hearing about the Transformassacre, get caught up by checking out the Transformassacre Part II: Introduction or check out week one's action at PEAK Performance NYC. Also, be sure to check out the results of the first Transformassacre.


You'll be able to follow Shaun's journey through photos and video each week at The 8-Week Fitness Transformassacre: PART II. And be sure to keep Shaun motivated with inspiring messages on our Facebook page and on Twitter, #Transformassacre.

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