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Transformassacre Part II: Transformation Rewind

Our Transformassacre subject Shaun Myers is entering into his final two weeks of his transformation. Let's rewind and look at his journey so far.
Nate Millado

Shaun Myers, our transformation subject, has been through 7 of his 8 weeks to building a new body along side his trainer, Rob Sulaver. He's learned about nutrition, exercise, recovery and most of all, commitment and dedication. During the training for week 7, "we were trying to add as much muscle to Shaun's frame as possible. That means more traditional body part split routines (a la old school body building), lots of volume, and heavy lifts. This training style is bleeding over into Week 8, where we'll finish with some Strong Man Training," says Sulaver.

For those of you out of the loop, we'll bring you up to speed with a rewind episode. Stay tuned for next week when we reveal Shaun's final progress report!


Totally out of the loop? Get caught up by following each week:

Introduction: Meet Shaun.

Week 1: Shaun's training begins.
Trainer Rob's Week 1 Mission and Comments: Was a basic general preparation workout. "Shaun needed to get to know his body - how strong, mobile, and awesome it is. We put him through the ringer, but only push him as far as he can reasonably handle," Sulaver says.

Week 2: Shaun's diet regimen.
Trainer Rob's Week 2 Mission and Comments: Shaun began to get more in tune with his body and abilities. "We still kept the workouts relatively simple, but the intensity was anything but - 3x10's with some tough sled work to finish," says Sulaver.

Week 3: Training focuses on muscular balance and stability.
Trainer Rob's Week 3 Mission and Comments: Shaun performed unilateral work to assist with muscular balance and symmetry. "Strength is important, but balance is it's foundation. After all, you can't shoot canons out of canoes."

Week 4: Shaun's solo training session is assessed by trainer Rob.
Trainer Rob's Week 4 Mission and Comments: We made sure Shaun pushed himself to the max during his at-home workouts by reviewing his videos. "At peak, we continued to challenge Shaun's energy systems to handle the demand of our later routines. We did this by adding some very taxing exercises early in the routine such as prowlers and force treadmills."

Week 5: Shaun's mid-way progress is assessed.
Trainer Rob's Week 5 Mission and Comments: Shaun lost a great deal of fat in a short amount of time. "The name of the gaming from this point was to add as much lean mass to his frame as possible. We performed 'density work' for improved body composition."

Week 6: Shaun's training focuses on increasing strength.
Trainer Rob's Week 6 Mission and Comments: Strength and size were a top priority here, "the 5x5 routine helped with both."

You'll be able to follow Shaun's journey through photos and video each week at The 8-Week Fitness Transformassacre: PART II. (Also, be sure to check out the results of the first Transformassacre.) And keep Shaun motivated with inspiring messages on our Facebook page and on Twitter, #Transformassacre.

Or, you can be even MORE involved by sending in your own personal videos straight from your smartphone to Men's Fitness Magazine on SparkReell! Want to take on The Transformassacre yourself? Follow along with Shaun's weekly workouts!

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