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Transformassacre Pulse Check

Charlie admits the biggest challenges during the past three weeks of his training and diet overhaul.

With a few weeks in the books, the breaking point has arrived. Mentally, I am starting to lose it with frustration. If I get one rep wrong or am a few minutes late for a meal, I feel like I am screwing this up. EXPECTATIONS All of the experts have let me know how much of a challenge an 8-week transformation would be, especially for an ectomorph like myself. It's a challenge that I am up for, but not seeing immediate results gets to me mentally. I feel like any slight mistake is the reason for not having an eight-pack in 14 days because that is what people expect from someone leaner—they expect it's easier. STAYING FOCUSED Dan has been a phenomenal trainer in reassuring me to stay focused, rather than getting tangled into being a perfectionist. My co-workers have been supportive. My girlfriend is even following the same diet that I am to show her support for what I've committed to. Still, their positivity and support is almost outweighed by my need to get this right. I want to run on the treadmill until my legs collapse, I want to lift until every muscle is at failure, but I need to do a better job channeling things. That has been my biggest challenge. I need the skill and focus—because to me, this will be a failure if I don't get it right. COMMITTED This has taken over my life. I have divorced parents and a long distance relationship, so my usual weekends used to be visiting family. I used to go out with friends to catch the game at a sports bar after work. I used to be able to eat a dinner with my family that always included pasta and garlic bread. Now, if I am not doing my 9-6 job working with advertisers, I am rushing home to get to the grocery store, preparing for tomorrow's five meals or training my ass off. But it's worth it.


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