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Transformassacre Week 4: Charlie's Shocking New Body

Just halfway through the challenge, Charlie already sees dramatic results.
Nate Millado

In week three, Charlie's focus, intensity and attention to detail were tested when we dropped in on him working out without his trainer, Dan Trink. The video was proof that he works like an ox just as much on his own. See the backstory >> As we enter the halfway point of the Transformassacre, it's time to gauge Charlie's progress thus far. Dan whipped out his computer and calipers and we broke out the cameras. You'll be impressed with the amount of progress made in just under four weeks—we and Dan definitely were.


But the photos really spoke for themselves. No tanning, no oil and no tricky camera angles; it's as real as it gets. See more of Charlie's Before and After Photos >>

Reassessment Day Q&A with Charlie

Men's Fitness: What differences in your body have you noticed from the start of the Transformassacre until now? Charlie Romano: Without question, my stomach and waistline began to shrink almost instantaneously. I’ve noticed my muscles getting tighter and much leaner while also feeling boosts in strength. Everyday things like running up four flights of stairs from the subway or lifting a 40 lb laundry bag up a few flights of stairs used to get me a little out of breath. Now, it all feels like a breeze. MF: What were you expecting from yourself at the halfway point? CR: I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but I was hoping to see some visual results and improved endurance and strength. I was expecting small gains, but the rate of everything has been pretty surprising to me. MF: What made you most nervous about the reassessment? See more of Charlie's Q&A >>



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