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Two Weeks to Strength Workout

Follow this comprehensive workout program to see an increase in strength in just 14 days.

Two Weeks to Strength Workout: Week 2

In workout one, you’ll notice the sets and reps are the same. Try to use slightly more weight than you did in week 1 if you were able to complete all sets of 5x5 with the same weight.

Workout 1

A1) Barbell Bench Press 5x5; 2010; 60-sec rest

A2) Barbell Back Squat 5x5; 2010; 60-sec rest

B) Conventional Deadlift 5x5; 2010; 3-min rest

C) Reverse Crunch 4x15; 2020; 60-sec rest

Workout 2

A) Barbell Back Squat 3x5 with 80% of workout 1’s weight; 2010; 2-min rest

B1) Barbell Overhead Press 5x5; 2010; 60-sec rest

B2) Barbell Bent Over Row 5x5; 2010; 60-sec rest

C) Elbow Plank on Ball Stir the Pot 4x60-sec; tempo n/a; 60-sec rest

Workout 3

A) Barbell Bench Press work up to a heavy single; 2010; 3-min rest

B) Barbell Back Squat work up to a heavy single; 2010; 3-min rest

C1) Weighted Pull Up 5x5; 2010, 3-min rest

C2) Kneeling Rope Crunches 4x15; 2020; 60-sec rest



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