Work Your Weak Points

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Work Your Weak Points

Complete your physique, one body part at a time.
A set of sleeve-busting arms is typically first on the wish list of most guys venturing inside the walls of a gym. Even with an endless array of bicep curl variations, the size or definition just isn’t there. The lack of results leaves many frustrated, and their attention turns more toward the curl rack for isolation exercises and away from main exercises like chinups and rows.

The Fix: “The biggest mistake people make is to train them too heavy for too few reps,” says Lee Boyce, a strength and conditioning expert. Rather than cranking out sets of five on barbell curls, work your biceps throughout your routine with higher rep sets of rows, pullups, and other pulling variations. Not only will these exercises torch your biceps, they’ll also build up your back giving you a well-rounded look.

Exercises to Help: Drag curls are a great change and new challenge for your arms. Although they use a smaller range of motion, drag curls are excellent for adding definition and size. By keeping the weight close to your body the entire time, they isolate the bicep and reduce the potential for cheating by swinging the barbell out and away from your body.

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