Work Your Weak Points

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Work Your Weak Points

Complete your physique, one body part at a time.
The chest is an area that can make or break a physique. Despite having a ripped six-pack, a flat chest can ruin your muscular appearance when you throw on a shirt. The problem? Most guys spend countless days in the gym focusing on the bench press with mediocre results at best.

The Fix: Building a bigger chest requires both high- and low-rep sets. This helps to hit all of the muscle fibers and develop strength and definition. Focus on hitting the chest twice a week with a bigger, multijoint exercise at the beginning of your routine and an isolation exercise toward the end. A great example would be a dumbbell chest press and incline cable flye. For the main pressing exercises, stick with a neutral grip as it tends to alleviate and prevent shoulder pain.

Exercises to Help: The squeeze press is terrific for building size as it combines the actions of a press with a flye. To make matters even better, it uses a neutral grip to lessen the stress on the shoulder joint.

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