Work Your Weak Points

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Work Your Weak Points

Complete your physique, one body part at a time.
A pair of muscular forearms can sure look impressive, but we’re not just talking about aesthetics. Solid forearm strength will help with a variety of different sports and in other areas of training.

The Fix: According to Boyce, “The biggest mistake people make is direct training to the forearms. They’re assistant muscles, so they don’t need to be trained as prime movers for them to grow.” That may seem a bit counterintuitive, but Boyce isn’t saying to neglect your forearms. Instead, don’t rely on wrist curls as your primary muscle builder. Instead, stop using bandaids to cover up a weak grip. Avoid using wrist straps to help out your forearms on deadlifts and rowing variations. Rather than searching for isolation, train with heavy exercises that challenge your grip for more growth.

Exercises to Help: Farmer’s walks are a simple and effective method for building up your forearms. Although they may look simple (just walking around holding a set of dumbbells), they’re extremely challenging with the right amount of weight. If your gym doesn’t have dumbbells heavy enough to make the exercise challenging, wrap a towel around the grip for an instant boost in difficulty.

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