Work Your Weak Points

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Work Your Weak Points

Complete your physique, one body part at a time.
A smaller lower body is typically the culprit of neglect usually seen in guys who prefer working their upper body four days a week and skipping out on leg day. However, in some cases, guys can work their legs overtime and still get mediocre results, especially in the calves.

The Fix: Direct calf work is crucial to building up growth. Despite this fact, most guys focus solely on squats and deadlifts in their quest for a larger lower body. The calves are composed of both slow- and fast-twitch muscle fibers, meaning in order to hit the entire muscle, you have to train with both high-rep and low-rep sets. Incorporate both at the end of your workout for a boost in size.

Exercises to Help: Rest-pause sets are a must-try for overloading the calves and spurring growth. Set a comfortable weight that allows you to perform 10–12 repetitions with proper form. Rest 15–20 seconds then repeat. Aim to complete four to five sets. To hit both heads of the muscle, incorporate both standing and seated calf exercises in your routine.

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