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Workout Finisher: The Triceps Exercises to Triple Your Size

Top off your workout with these triceps exercises to add mass to your arms.

Stuck with noodle arms? Your triceps account for about three-quarters of your arm, so it's about time to put some real work in on them. Adding these finishers to the end of your workouts will give them the beating they need. Now watch them grow! 

For these particular finishers you can expect to hit your triceps with a completely different set and rep scheme, increase blood flow, and maximize muscle growth.

Warning: Don't do them after every workout. Over a three-week period, focus on one muscle group, adding a finisher like this to your workout half to three-quarters of the days you're training.

Finisher 1

Cable Pushdown Burnout Set

Reps: 1 set of 50 reps

Tempo: Fast on both the concentric and eccentric contractions.

Squeeze and hold for one second at the end of the exercise and use a very light weight. If you fail before 50, rest for five seconds, then continue.

Finisher 2

Burnout Giant Set

This is essentially a three-phase dropset using different movements. Start with a heavier exercise, then drop down to lighter and lighter weights.

A1. Dips: 25 reps

A2. Skull Crusher: 25 reps

A3. Seated Dumbbell Triceps Press: 25 reps


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