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Year Long Workout: Phase X, Workout E

1 Romanian Deadlift/Bentover Row/Jump Shrug Complex

Sets: 2-3 Reps: 10 Tempo: 211 Rest: 90-120 Seconds

Hold a barbell at waist height with a shoulder-width grip [1]. Simultaneously bend your hips and knees while maintaining the natural arch in your lower back, and lower your torso until the bar is just below knee height [2]. That's one rep of the Romanian deadlift. Perform 10 reps, finishing in the lowered position. Now squeeze your shoulder blades together and row the weight up until it touches your sternum [3]. That's one rep of the bentover row. Perform 10 reps, and finish with the bar in the lowered position. Straighten your hips and knees to return to the standing position. Now shrug the bar explosively, coming up onto the balls of your feet with the momentum [4]. That's one rep of the jump shrug. Perform 10 reps. At this point, you've completed one set.

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