10 New Ways To Overcome Workout Laziness

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10 New Ways To Overcome Workout Laziness

Bored by your workout routine and can’t seem to get yourself to the gym? MF has you covered with 10 tips to get you back to buff in no time.

In order to stay inspired, you want to feel like you’re getting results—so keep your objectives practical. “Setting goals is extremely important, but setting realistic goals is even more important,” says Gray. So, as much as you may aspire to get Mark Wahlberg’s pecs, just keep in mind that those puppies didn’t grow overnight. “Celebs are great eye candy, but they have loads of time and money to put into working out,” says Gray. “Look at their lifestyles before looking to them for motivation.” How can you stay inspired? Set small, attainable, performance-oriented goals specific to your abilities. Each week, tell yourself you’ll add more reps or weight to your chest press, for example—and you’ll be feeling like Marky Mark in no time.


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