10 New Ways To Overcome Workout Laziness

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10 New Ways To Overcome Workout Laziness

Bored by your workout routine and can’t seem to get yourself to the gym? MF has you covered with 10 tips to get you back to buff in no time.
Sometimes all you need to light a fire under your butt is a little bit of trash talk. So sign up for a weekly sports league or join a CrossFit gym. The competitive edge will help you want to push your workout further. Then again, you can always compete with yourself. Apps like Fitocracy, iMapMyFitness, and Gym Buddy let you track your workouts, share your progress with friends, and compare your routine with others. So, next time you finish a six-mile run in less than an hour, post your time and show it off. Who knows, your buddy might beat your time tomorrow. Game on!


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