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4 Ways Jamie Foxx Makes Cardio Fun

Learn how our cover guy gets his conditioning on the basketball court.

Jamie Foxx loves to play basketball, so twice a week his trainer incorporates B-ball drills into the actor’s workout to increase his speed, agility, and stamina. As a result, the workouts don’t feel like work.

17s: Run from sideline to sideline 17 times. Try to complete the run in about a minute, then repeat.


10s: Run from baseline to baseline 10 times. Try to complete the run in about a minute, then repeat.


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Box Drills: Stand at one side of the free-throw line and sprint to the baseline. Shuffle across the key and then backpedal to the other end of the free-throw line. Shuffle across the free-throw line so you end up back where you started, Repeat once more, then reverse the direction for two more sets.


Suicides: Run from the baseline to the free-throw line closest to you, then back to the baseline. Then run to half-court and back. Run to the far free-throw line, then back. Finally, run to the opposite baseline and back. Rest, then repeat once more.

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