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5 Fat-Burning Speed and Agility Drills

Want to get lean and powerful? Train like a professional athlete with these heart-pumping cardio exercises, which can help you burn fat quickly.


How to do it: Start with your right side facing the end of an agility ladder (or set up your own grid by placing straight markers, like pencils, or strips of paper, on the ground approximately 18 inches apart about for 10 yards out). Stand on your right leg. Jump sideways into each box down the line staying on the same leg until you reach the end of the ladder. Switch legs to go back down the ladder to the starting point. Land lightly on each foot, and keep the heels off the ground.

Beyond the burn: This drill helps to improve the strength in the tendons and muscles in each leg and is particularly good for runners, says Avruskin.

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How to do it: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Squat slightly by bending at the knees and hips and bring arms back slightly before explosively jumping up and reaching for an object or target such as a basketball hoop. Land in the starting position and immediately repeat jumping. Focus on getting the most vertical height with minimal lateral, forward or backward movement. Start with one to two reps and increase as you become more fit.

Beyond the burn: According to Avruskin, this move increases your leg power and your vertical leap, giving you an advantage over the competition in basketball and volleyball.


How to do it: Perform this on any type of step approximately six inches high. Simply alternate stepping up and down on the step as fast as you can for 30 seconds, increasing the time to 60 seconds per set as you progress. Switch your lead food halfway through your set amd repeat each set three to five times.

Beyond the burn: The improved agility, cardio, speed and mobility you get from this drill helps in sports ranging from football and running to volleyball and tennis, says Avruskin.



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