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5 Ways You're Ruining Your Workouts

Not getting anywhere fast? These five reasons could be holding you back from hitting your goals.

In the pursuit of a ripped six-pack and bulging biceps, more might not always mean better. In fact, working harder in the gym may set you farther back from an ideal physique. Overreaching, a state of fatigue caused from several weeks of training too hard, can result in poor recovery from workouts and a sharp decrease in hormones that help to build muscle. Those that keep pushing may move into the more severe state of overtraining, which is characterized by lack of motivation and depressed mood. To avoid falling in a slump, stay clear of the following mistakes.

1. Too Many Exercises

The quest for the perfect physique leaves many guys packing their workout with a plethora of exercises designed to hit their muscles from every angle. In reality, most lifters would make far more progress focusing on the basics than attempting five different chest exercises. In general, compound lifts allow for greater loading and therefore place a far greater growth stimulus on the muscle. Rather than packing your routine with a few sets of a ton of exercises, focus on 4-5 heavy hitters and perform multiple sets to perfect technique.

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