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5 Ways You're Ruining Your Workouts

Not getting anywhere fast? These five reasons could be holding you back from hitting your goals.

4. Intensity Overload

The “Go big or go home” mentality that pushes many guys to leave it all in the gym may actually cause a decrease in performance. Similar to working out too often, constantly pushing your body to the limit each workout neglects the need for recovery. A proper program should include periods of high intensity with alternating weeks of lower activity commonly referred to as deload weeks. These deload weeks shouldn’t consist of complete rest. A week of light work in the gym is the perfect time to catch up on soft tissue work and stretching that you may have neglected. Plan out deload weeks in advance around your work and family schedule so it falls at a time when it would be tough to maintain your normal routine. Lee Boyce, trainer and writer at, recommends having a deload week in your program every eight weeks to maintain performance.

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