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8 Treadmill Interval Workouts To Help You PR

These Mile High Run Club workouts are so hard you'll forget you hate the treadmill.

First there were cycling studios. Now, there are treadmill iterations that borrowed the format from it's predecessor and revamped it into group running classes. The Mile High Run Club (MHRC) is one of the pioneers offering interval runs (sometimes with a strength training component) to hoards of New Yorkers. But you don't have to live in NYC to get the benefits. We had MHRC founder and running coach give us eight of her favorite treadmill interval workouts that can do at home or at the gym. Work one of 'em into your running routine once or twice a week and we guarantee you'll see a dramatic increase in speed and endurance on the road.

The Speed Conditioning Workout >>>

Level 1 - easy jog LIGHT EFFORT / recovery pace
Level 2 - base pace MODERATE EFFORT / marathon pace
Level 3 - “threshold” HARD EFFORT / 10K, half marathon pace
Level 4 - sprint MAX EFFORT / 5K pace

NOTE: Striders are also called "pick-ups". You start at an easy pace and gradually pick up speed by focusing on lengthening your stride (rather than taking more frequent steps.)

NOTE: Where no incline percentage is indicated, run at 0% incline.



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