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Joakim Noah Trains with Surf Legend Laird Hamilton

The Chicago Bulls center takes on an unorthodox pool workout.

For the past two summers, Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah has taken a more unconventional approach toward his off-season training. He’s been working out with big-wave surfing legend Laird Hamilton.

Noah credits the workouts, which include working with dumbbells and long, underwater stretches, with increasing his lung capacity and endurance.

“Every time I do this workout, he makes me do something I didn’t think was possible,” Noah says in this sneak peek of his interview on NBA TV’s NBA Inside Stuff, which airs Saturday.

Even after building his stamina with intense off-season training, Noah has struggled with his fitness this season after missing nearly the entire preseason with a groin injury. The Bulls, projected to be a championship contender now that Derrick Rose has returned, are 1-3 to start the 2013-14 season.



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