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Maximize Your Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss and Performance

How to increase the intensity of your favorite cardio-focused sports.


What You’re Doing:
Going out for a ride over the weekends, whenever possible. When you do, you just go where the road takes you and decide when to return based on how much daylight is left, and how tired you’ve gotten. Keeping a consistently strong pace is unimportant or impossible (i.e. city biking) depending on the circumstances.

What You Should Be Doing:
Like in a lot of cardio-based sports, interval training is key. “I would do hill intervals and sprint intervals,” Duffy says. “One or two days a week, I would find a challenging hill and cycle up and down it six to ten times.” Go up as fast as you can and glide down. Strength training exercises like box jumps, lunge jumps and jumping rope are all great for leg endurance and power.

It feels great to go that fast, and to strengthen your legs in the process. Having better stamina will also mean that leisurely bike rides will be, well, very leisurely.

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