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MetCon Workout: 4-Minute Fat Burn [VIDEO]

Spike your metabolic rate with this 4-minute, 8-round tabata style conditioning workout.

Metabolic Conditioning workouts, or MetCons for short, are fast paced, high intensity workouts completed in a short period of time that will challenge your cardiovascular capacity, put your metabolism into overdrive and rapidly burn fat.

This week, we asked Mike Stehle ATC, C.S.C.S, founder of Training Room Online in Point Pleasant Beach and Avon by the Sea, New Jersey for another mini-metcon workout to take your physique to the next level. This week, an 8 round, 4-minute tabata style coniditioning workout.

20/10 Squat Jump/Push Up Tabata


> Perform 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds rest
> Alternate the exercises after each 10 second rest period.
> Perform a total of 8 rounds.


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> Kettlebell squats or Squat Jumps

> Plyo-push ups or regular push ups

Video Demonstration:


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