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The Perfect Fat-Loss Day

Sculpt your ideal physique from sunup to sundown.

9 a.m.-11 a.m.

1. Move.

After checking your e-mail and getting set for a hard day of work, ditch the office chair for a trip around the office. The quick walk will help you stay awake as well as boost your metabolism and help you burn a few extra calories. If you're looking to try something a bit more progressive, consider a standing or even a treadmill desk. Both help to minimize slouching and keep you active while plugging away. For those who aren't ready to stand all day, try standing through meetings or phone calls.

2. Hydrate.

Despite your morning glass of water, you're probably slightly dehydrated, even more so if your morning routine includes more than one cup of coffee. To help prevent the mid-morning munchies and keep you hydrated, consider downing another one or two glasses of water.

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