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The Perfect Fat-Loss Day

Sculpt your ideal physique from sunup to sundown.

12 p.m.-2 p.m.

1. Work out.

To spice up your workday as well as rev up your metabolism for the afternoon, skip the lunch date with your co-workers and opt for a workout instead. The workout will also serve to amplify the effects of your intermittent fasting routine since your body will be forced to rely heavily on stored fuel during the gym session. To make the most of your lunch hour, aim for a total-body circuit emphasizing multijoint moves like a squat to overhead press and lunge to curl. The big exercises will elevate your heart rate and provide the perfect catalyst for building muscle while burning fat. Top your sweat session off with some cardio intervals for the complete package.

Since you haven't eaten yet today, you might feel as if you're running low on fuel as you move through the gym. To combat the flat feeling, down some BCAAs pre-workout. Provided you're hydrated and well rested, it should be the only pre-workout you need.

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2. Fuel up.

Post-workout is the perfect time for your first meal of the day since your muscle cells are primed to uptake nutrients. Focus on taking in a meal that is high in protein, moderate in carbohydrates, and low in fat. The high protein will help your muscles recover faster for your next workout. The carbohydrates will help to prevent the natural breakdown of muscle that occurs during a workout (referred to as catabolism) and will help to pull protein into the cells. By keeping the meal lower in fat, you'll help to keep the speed of digestion high so the nutrients get to your muscles faster. 

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