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The Perfect Fat-Loss Day

Sculpt your ideal physique from sunup to sundown.

6 p.m.-8 p.m.

1. Eat a homemade dinner.

Your perfect weight-loss day shouldn't end with a quick trip to the salad bar or a microwave meal. While cooking dinner may be the last thing you want to do after a hard day of work, cooking at home offers several benefits. First, you're able to control every aspect of the meal including ingredients. Second, you can make a bit extra for lunch the next day, knocking out two meals in one session.

To reduce cooking time, plan all of your meals in advance. Use your weekends as a chance to pick up all of the necessary ingredients and do any preparation (like chopping vegetables) ahead of time. Then, even when you're tired getting home from work, you'll be poised to whip up a great meal.

2. Limit the booze.

After a hard day of work, you might want to curl up on the couch with your favorite brand of beer and a good football game. However, ruining your newfound nutritional prowess with alcohol calories won't be nearly as rewarding long term. If you have to imbibe, aim for quality of enjoyment over quantity. Pick your favorite beverage and limit the volume. If the evening requires you to indulge (your best friend's bachelor party for instance), opt for lower-calorie beers and mixers.

3. Log your food.

Sure, it might take a while to recall everything you ate throughout the day but keeping a diet log will definitely pay off down the road. Why were you so successful that one week? What exactly led to your dropping five pounds last month? Without a proper record, these results are left up to anyone's best guess. Keeping a log helps dieters to lock down trends. To get the most out of your food journal, also keep notes on energy levels, workout performance, and overall feelings of satiety. 

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