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The Perfect Fat-Loss Day

Sculpt your ideal physique from sunup to sundown.

8 p.m.-10 p.m.

1. Pack your gym bag.

The best way to prevent a missed gym session is to remove all of the obstacles ahead of time. By prepping your gym bag before heading to bed, you're removing all of the excuses (like I forgot my gym shoes) that might prevent you from a lunchtime sweat session. The nighttime organization also helps to take away stress from your morning routine leaving you to feel fresh and rejuvenated when waking up rather than rushed.

2. Focus on quality sleep.

Poor sleep quality has been linked to many issues including elevated risk for cardiovascular disease and increased weight gain. You can sleep your way to a leaner physique by removing many of the obstacles that prevent normal guys from getting a good night's rest. This includes taking electronics (including your TV) out of the room. Rather than watching your favorite show, listen to some soft music or read a book. Both will be easier on your eyes than a television or tablet.

3. Set a consistent bedtime.

Rather than varying your routine every night, set a consistent bedtime. The routine will help prepare your body and your mind for sleep. For optimal results, try to maintain a similar sleep schedule every day (including weekends).

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