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Spring Sports Guide: The Runner's Performance Workout

Increase your speed and endurance for any kind of foot race.

There's more to being a great runner than simply pounding the pavement. Will Huntington, CrossFit Level 1 instructor and certified strength and conditioning coach (CSCS) demo's a strength training routine specific designed for runner's looking for speed and endurance.


1. Overhead Walking Lunges 
3 sets x 15 rep
Rest 60 seconds

2. Rower Intervals
100 meters, 200 meters, 300 meters, 400 meters, 500 meters
400 meters, 300 meters, 200 meters, 100 meters
rest in between as needed

3. Plyometrics
Beginners - 50 reps
Intermediate - 100-200 reps
Advanced - 200-300+ reps

4. Kettbelbell Swings
3-5 sets x 20 reps
Rest 10-30 seconds

* shot on location at FOCUS NYC


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