Top 8 U.S. Cities for Trail Running

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Top 8 U.S. Cities for Trail Running

Trapped in an urban jungle and dying to run outside? Good news: you don’t have to go far to hit these sweet trails and get in your workout.
Winding between and around four lakes, Madison is home to miles of soft-surface beachfront trails. But for those up for a short drive, The Ice Age National Scenic Trail offers 1,200 miles (let’s repeat, 1,200 miles!) of trails across Wisconsin, 650 miles of which are off-road. The trail traces the edge of glaciers’ stopping points some 15,000 years ago, providing plenty of streams, valleys, ridges, and rolling hills to keep you on your toes. Portions of the Ice Age Trail host many races each year. If you want to run the whole thing, the time to beat is 22 days and 6 hours.


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