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Winter Cycling: Training Tips From the Pros

Don't want to drag the back of the spring cycling pack? Keep your edge this winter with these pro-approved training routines.

If you’re wintering where the roads are icy and the cold air oppresses your lungs, you likely haven’t been outside on the bike in a while. But that’s no excuse to lose your edge or your strength before spring comes. Sure, you’ve earned a healthy dose of hibernation—and true, rest from any sport can be a good thing—but next season is always closer than you think. This year, you might as well ride out in front of the pack.

“The best way is to go to the warmth,” says two-time Giro d’Italia champ Ivan Basso. But for those of us who can’t afford to follow the sun, Basso says you can cross train with a mix of strength training and indoor cycling. A good routine in both departments will keep you strong and powerful. So make this your three-pronged approach from the pros, and you’ll feel like you haven’t missed so much as a pedal stroke.

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