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Winter Cycling: Training Tips From the Pros

Don't want to drag the back of the spring cycling pack? Keep your edge this winter with these pro-approved training routines.

Don’t lose your edge by losing interest in your routine—or even the sport itself. You need variety, and you need to have fun. “Every sport is good for something,” says Slovakian pro cyclist Peter Sagan. “But it’s not good when you do always the same things—always bicycle, bicycle, bicycle. You need to change the workout.”

Sagan, who rides for Cannondale alongside Basso, gets his winter training in any way he can, and he suggests that you do the same. Rather than be rigid with your indoor trainer or weight routine, find ways to keep it fresh and give your body a full workout with other activities. Toss in an hour jog one day, swim 20 laps another, or head outside for a day of downhill or cross-country skiing. If you pepper your regular cycling workouts with an hour or two of any of these activities, you’ll freshen your perspective—and achieve a more total-body type of fitness.


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