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Don't Be This Guy!

You can lose weight during the most stressful time of year. Here's how.


1. Lay Down the Law
Get a freaking plan, man. It's not that you can't enjoy the holidays, but you need a strategy to do so. Start by skipping the dessert.

2. Schedule Workout Appointments
Valerie Waters, a trainer to Hollywood celebs, suggests plotting out 20-minute blocks of time to train. So do we.

3. Get Off Your Ass!
Throw a football around after a big meal. Shoot hoops with your nephew. Don't lay around and destroy leftovers an hour later.

4. Downsize
Don't deny yourself good food, but be smart. Try a smaller scoop of stuffing or just one of Granny's famous rolls instead of two.

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5. Cut Yourself Some Slack
Don't give up if you "accidentally" pig out one day. Nobody's perfect all the time. Just vow to come back stronger the next.

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