10 Most Deceiving Tough Mudder Obstacles

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10 Most Deceiving Tough Mudder Obstacles

The course may look like your classic elementary school playground on steroids, but trust us—it holds surprises. Don’t underestimate these tricky tasks in America’s toughest ever adventure race.
What it tests: Mental grit

Why it’s harder than it seems: Plenty of athletes use ice baths for recovery, so splashing your way through some chilly water should be a cakewalk, right? Wrong. The frigid temperature makes your body react in unexpected ways — loss of breath, contracted muscles, impaired motor functions (or as the Tough Mudder course designers describe it, “Like eating too much ice cream and getting kicked in the balls at the same time.”) Instead of getting out of the icy water as quickly as possible, then, many racers’ bodies freeze up—literally.

Completion Rate: Kombol estimates that 100% of Mudders complete this task — but only 20% do so without panicking.


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