10 Most Deceiving Tough Mudder Obstacles

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10 Most Deceiving Tough Mudder Obstacles

The course may look like your classic elementary school playground on steroids, but trust us—it holds surprises. Don’t underestimate these tricky tasks in America’s toughest ever adventure race.
What it tests: Agility, hand strength

Why it’s harder than it looks: You all conquered the jungle gym monkey bars in the 1st grade, so why does Funky Monkey — which is pretty similar — trip up 3/4 of the Mudders who try to cross it? Like Hangin’ Tough, the ice and mud buildup from those who’ve come before you is no match for numb fingers. Swing your body using your arm strength, and grab for the rings with a firm grip. But be warned: try as you might, you’ll likely slip into the icy water below.

Completion rate: Roughly 25%, says Kombol.


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