10 Most Deceiving Tough Mudder Obstacles

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10 Most Deceiving Tough Mudder Obstacles

The course may look like your classic elementary school playground on steroids, but trust us—it holds surprises. Don’t underestimate these tricky tasks in America’s toughest ever adventure race.
What it tests: Teamwork, agility

Why it’s harder than it looks: You’ve scaled tons of hills during your training, so how bad can this slippery heap of mud be? Well, this baby’s built at a 45-degree angle—and bigger than anything you could have expected. As the Tough Mudder website warns, “If you want to train for Cliff Hanger, you should find the biggest hill near your house, measure it, then drive until you get to a hill twice as steep.” Work your Mudder camaraderie here—form a chain, give a push, and always look back to lend a hand.

Completion rate: Roughly 80% complete this obstacle, says Kombol, but it can be done only with the help of other Mudders.


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