10 Most Deceiving Tough Mudder Obstacles

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10 Most Deceiving Tough Mudder Obstacles

The course may look like your classic elementary school playground on steroids, but trust us—it holds surprises. Don’t underestimate these tricky tasks in America’s toughest ever adventure race.
What it tests: Fear, agility

Why it’s harder than it looks: You’re not afraid of the dark, but a crawl through this cave offers plenty of surprises— like a foot in the face from a Mudder in front of you, or a zap from an electric shock. As one Mudder described it on MudderNation.com [http://muddernation.com/profiles/blogs/new-obstacle-dark-lightning], “I was as close as a man could get to the ground without getting it pregnant, and I still got zapped five times working my way through.”

Completion rate: Kombol says that all Mudders complete this task (once you go in, there’s no way out but the other side) — but only a few do so without panicking.


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