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10 NYC Marathon Moments That Made History

With the New York City marathon around the corner, we looked back at the world's largest marathon for some inspiration to go that extra mile.


8. Cloud of Dust

In 1982, Alberto Salazar was attempting to win his third consecutive NYC Marathon. In the last 600 meters it seemed unlikely. That is, until he appeared out of a cloud of dust (although we like to believe it was magic, the dust was kicked up by a police motorcycle) and passed his competitors to win the race.


7. Last Place Wins the Race

Zoe Koplowitz suffers from diabetes and multiple sclerosis. She has also completed 23 NYC Marathons as of 2011 at the age of 63, and has set the world record for the longest marathon finish time in the history of women's running. She has come in last place in all 23 attempts, and could not be more proud. Zoe Koplowitz gives a positive spin to coming in "last place."



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