12 Celebrities Who Have Run Marathons

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12 Celebrities Who Have Run Marathons

Could you have a star sighting during your next race? Here, a list of surprising celeb runners who have gone the distance.

Marine Corps Marathon 2011
Time: 4:37:11

The pace is right for game-show host Drew Carey, who signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon after running the Marine Corps Historic Half. As a former reservist, Carey remembers running 14 miles in his mid-twenties. He picked up running as part of his weight loss program that helped him shed 70 pounds. “I was doing mostly the elliptical machine, but I wanted something more,” he told USA Today. “I have to have a reason to work out—it's wasn't enough for me just to keep my weight down.” His training included 30 to 45 minute runs twice a week, alternated with two days of intervals and a long run on Saturday.


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