12 Celebrities Who Have Run Marathons

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12 Celebrities Who Have Run Marathons

Could you have a star sighting during your next race? Here, a list of surprising celeb runners who have gone the distance.

London Marathon 2012
Time: 4:26:21

For the foul-mouthed chef, training for a marathon is no nightmare—Ramsay has been putting in the miles for over a decade. He trains year-around with his wife Tana (who actually beat him to the finish line by 15 minutes in last year’s London Marathon) and runs several long-distance races each year. So what does the Michelin-starred man eat to get his legs moving? According to an interview with BBC, Ramsay believes it’s crucial to cleanse the body for up to four days before the race. He nixes fatty and cream-laden dishes for risotto (what else?!) with plenty of veggies, like spinach, and poached fish. The former soccer star, who ran a few double marathons in South Africa, also has a soft spot for Special K and skim milk. During the race, Ramsay takes a sip of water at every station. “If you get to a water station and you're thirsty then you have to slow down, because you're going too fast,” he told BBC Sport.


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