12 Celebrities Who Have Run Marathons

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12 Celebrities Who Have Run Marathons

Could you have a star sighting during your next race? Here, a list of surprising celeb runners who have gone the distance.

New York Marathon 2010
Time: 7:09:44

What’s Al Roker’s advice when it comes to running the marathon? Take it all in. “Unless you're some world class athlete, relax and enjoy it,” Roker told MensFitness.com. “You'll never see anything like it. It was frightening, exhilarating, humbling and a whole new way to look at the city I grew up in. To have a guy pass you juggling three balls is humiliating, while seeing a double amputee spring past you is inspirational.” America’s favorite weatherman prepped with interval training. Taking one mile at a time, he started by walking a 20-minute mile eight months before the big day. By June, he got down to a 13-minute mile, running three times a week and averaging 15 miles. He also tested the waters by doing two half-marathons before November.


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