12 Ways to Improve Your Triathlon Time

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12 Ways to Improve Your Triathlon Time

Want to power up your triathlete performance without training more? You won't have to log extra miles to get a personal record with these expert tips to race more efficiently.
When it comes to reaching your peak performance during a triathlon, having the proper gear and fit is just as important as the number of training miles you log. “Getting a professional bike fit and run stride analysis can increase your efficiency so much that it’s not uncommon for an Ironman triathlete to drop as many as 45 minutes off of his race time, while a guy doing a sprint tri could compete up to 12 minutes faster,” says Eric Prager, exercise physiologist, Level 2 USA Triathlon Coach, and a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Finding the best wetsuit for your unique physiology can take you from finishing last to being a real powerhouse in the water. “Many guys are winding down their races during the fall, so now is the time—rather than before a big race—to make adjustments to your training techniques and test out new gear,” says Prager. Try these expert no-sweat tips to slash your swim, bike, and run times without kicking your butt.

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