12 Ways to Improve Your Triathlon Time

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12 Ways to Improve Your Triathlon Time

Want to power up your triathlete performance without training more? You won't have to log extra miles to get a personal record with these expert tips to race more efficiently.

Find the proper wetsuit fit

“The number one thing to look for is fit when searching for a swimming wetsuit, and this requires trying a few on,” says McLaughlin. “The suit should fit you very tight—on the border of uncomfortable—because it will loosen up in the water. Selecting the proper size comes down it fitting like a super hero suit to increase your efficiency so you glide through the water–no extra material, no bunching.” Keep in mind that a swimming wetsuit will have varied thicknesses throughout. Most suits have a thick panel down the front (from the neck to the ankles) while the back is thinner. The Aqua Sphere Racer wetsuit blends a thick front panel, thin shoulders and sleeves, and a semi-thick back panel for an ideal balance of buoyancy and flexibility. ($499.95; Aquasphereswim.com)


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