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4 Tips to Speed Up Muscle Recovery

You work hard to get the most out of your lifting workouts—but are you maxing out your rest days? Take this quick muscle-rehab advice to see faster results.

Substitute high-intensity exercises with Isometrics
On a rest day, trade in your dynamic, high-power weight lifting exercises for Isometrics: gentle, controlled stretching and strength-building moves. Holding a certain position for a longer period of time, your muscles are still engaged, but at a lower intensity. This allows blood and nutrients to rebuild your body for your next high-energy training session.

Use the overhead squat to increase mobility
While moving around might be the last thing on your mind when you’re wiped, the overhead squat is king of mobility exercises, and mastering it can only improve your workouts. It strengthens your joints so you can bear more weight in the gym, while also promoting blood flow to battle soreness. Here’s how:

Start with hands and feet shoulder-width apart and grab a resistance band at the ends (a rope, cord, or towel can also work). Extend arms straight overhead and keep shoulders down and back—the resistance band promotes proper posture and keeps your back muscles in line. Push hips back and squat down on heels until hamstrings rest on calves. Hold for five seconds, then push knees out and stand up fast, powering through heels. Perform 5-10 reps three times a day to mobilize the tightest areas of your body, specifically your ankles, hips, and upper back.  

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