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5 Exercises to Build a Better Body for Cycling

Perform these favorite gym moves from world-class pro cyclists to jump start your season and get in kickass cycling shape.

leg exercises for muscle growth

Cyclist Says: “Strength training, especially in the early season, helps rebuild muscle without bulking up too much,” says long-distance rider Ted King, the only American on a largely Italian team. “Rather than move statically or linearly using gym machines, I prefer a dynamic workout with free weights,” he adds.

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King's reverse lunge: Grab a set of dumbbells that are about 10 to 15% of your body weight. Standing with your feet hip-width apart, step backward with your left leg into a reverse lunge (creates less stress on the knee than the standard forward lunge). Be sure to keep your back straight and shoulders level the whole time. Come back up and repeat. Perform three sets of 20 with each leg.

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