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6 Crazy Ways to Train for a Tough Mudder

Your regular work out just won’t cut it for this wildly challenging race.

3. Harness Yourself to a Tire
“We have tires of different sizes and a harness that attaches to a chain wrapped around the tire,” says Thom. “Then, we crawl.” The motion correlates to some of the crawling obstacles that Tough Mudder has, but Thom insists that overkill is the best preparation. “We take it to the Nth degree. Instead of crawling 50 feet like you would in the Mudder, we crawl a half mile. It’s a tough workout.”

4. Belly Crawl In a River
Many aspects of the Mudder involve freezing cold water, like the obstacle they call an “Arctic Enema,” which involves swimming through a “floating iceberg abyss.” In order to prep for the temperature, Thom suggests the following: when running trails, jump into a creek and belly crawl 50 feet upriver. When you’ve emerged from the cold water, get back out and run. “Sometimes it’s in the low 40s, and when you get out and run, you have to keep your core warm,” he says. “You want to expect the worst.”



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