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6 Crazy Ways to Train for a Tough Mudder

Your regular work out just won’t cut it for this wildly challenging race.

5. Run in the Rain
If you don’t have a river at your disposal, Thom recommends going for a run when it’s pouring. “This is when you need to go!” he says. “It will teach you to become more tolerant of miserable situations. Even little things in life like waiting in line. You become more patient in misery.”

6. Lunges with 40-Pound Trashcans
At Thom’s training facility, Mustache Man Training, he forces those enrolled in bootcamp to do lunges around the building’s three-quarter-mile perimeter. But that’s not all. “We grab some large 40-pound trash cans filled with water and do walking lunges around the building holding them. Then, every 8-10 steps you do tricep dips on the cans or 10 pushups,” he says. “It makes you want to walk away and cry. Mostly because it takes so long. But it teaches you the endurance you’ll need.”

Interested in competing in a Tough Mudder? Find out more about the race here.



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