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6 Tips to Avoid Running Injuries

Don’t hurt yourself because you’re training the wrong way. Here are the mistakes you could be making, and how to fix them.

MISTAKE: Diving Into Speedwork
Slow down, fast feet. The only time you need to run for speed is when you’re training for a time goal, like getting seeded for a 10K or qualifying for Boston. Then, speedwork is key in enabling the body, mind, and spirit to perform at a higher level.

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FIX: Build Up Gradually
While there’s always a slight breakdown of ligaments, tendons, muscle cells, and fibers, a gradual increase allows the body to repair the damage and rebuild stronger. Only run at a pace that’s 30 seconds/mile faster than your goal pace for the race. After each repetition allow for a rest interval to allow the body to recover. For a 5K or 10K, walk ½ a lap. For a ½ marathon, walk for 3 minutes. For a marathon, allow for a 5-minute walk break.



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