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Are You Man Enough to Enter a Tough Mudder? 7 Signs You've Got What it Takes

More than just a mud race, this 10 to 12 mile route of incredible stamina-testing challenges can rapidly become the obstacle course from hell. Find out if you've got the skill, strength and sheer will to make it through a Tough Mudder alive.

It’s punishment in the grittiest sense.

Whether you run 10 miles per day, you’re a triathlete, or P90X is just your warm-up, a Tough Mudder—arguably the world's best known obstacle course and adventure event—whips you raw, mentally and physically. The layout is simple: each 10-12 mile obstacle course contains hills, mud, water, ropes, walls, electric shocks, and fire—25 obstacles (2-3 of which are a mystery) designed by engineers to test the stamina of participants. The main goal? Finish.

But it’s not easy—most people take 2-4 hours. And despite the physical thumping from the electric shock gauntlet, buttered up monkey bars, and a frigid cold ice dumpster, a Tough Mudder obstacle course pushes your gumption, perseverance and teamwork to the edge. Entry is not for wimps.

If you want a trophy, Tough Mudder isn’t for you. It’s not a “race” by the common definition. No winners. No losers. No prizes. Tough Mudder is an adventure challenge, and a success to beat. But be warned: this is no fun-run free-for-all either.

The Tough Mudder Pledge recited by all participants before every challenge, demands a “no man left behind” attitude and forbids whining, among other things.

Tough Mudder finishers don’t leave wearing cheaply made finisher medals around their necks, or the knowledge they came in 4,657 out of 10,000 racers. Instead, they pocket a sweat-wicking Under Armour shirt, a Tough Mudder orange headband, Dos Equis beer bearing the Tough Mudder pledge—and the satisfaction of facing (and crushing) their fears. 

Here are seven signs you're tough enough to enter a Tough Mudder.


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